Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lilyanna's Sleepover With Grammy

Crafting A Halloween Wreath

My granddaughter Lily and I created this Halloween Wreath by using strips of cheap material from Walmart. We tied them around a circular frame, best to use a metal coat hanger only we didn't have one, so I used a Maple branch from our tree, bent it round and fastened it with tape. We then tied the strips side by side all the way around until the wreath was full. Then I added an orange ribbon to the top. She was so proud to give it to her mother as a gift made with her own little hands. 

Lilyanna's mommy, my daughter Jennifer so loved her wreath that she decided to start making them to sell.  She purchased a box of wire coat hangers and several bundles of material from a second hand shop and started making some wreaths.  Here is the first one  that she made while watching a movie on Netflix: 

 Baking An Apple Pie

Lilyanna loves to cook and bake.  She decided she wanted to have apples on her apple pie instead of fall leaves.  We thoroughly washed one of my apple sun catchers and she used that to cut out the apples.  She then painted them and even came up with the idea to shade the apple to make it look more realistic.  I taught her how to use parchment to roll out the dough.  I so love using parchment paper when baking.  It makes it easier and much cleaner!

The pie was delicious! 

The yellow flowers in the background were a gift from the birdies! They must have planted them in my yard next to the garage!

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