Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Birthday In Heaven ~ Father Edmund Regensburger

Father Regensburger, noted
catechist, dies at 89
Father Edmund Regensburger, widely
known in Puerto Rico both for the
catechism classes he taught and the
doctrine program he televised,
died Jan. 23 in New Smyrna Beach, FL
A native of
Philadelphia, Father
Regensburger was
born October 21,
1919, to Charles
and Florence Fox
Regensburger of St.
Boniface Parish.
Ordained in 1946, his assignments were:
Puerto Rico, Tampa, FL, Opa Locka, FL,
and Wachula, FL.
He was a long-time minister to Spanish speaking
people in Florida who came
from Puerto Rico, Cuba and Central
and South America. At 85, he was still
driving himself to celebrate Mass each
Sunday at a chapel 50 miles away.

Baptizing my granddaughter Maggie(His Great Niece)

During a family visit to New Smyrna Beach

Feeding Maggie

"There are those who will lead us
Protect us each step of the way
From beginning to end
For each moment forever each day
Such a gift has been given
It can never be taken away"
 John Denver

Happy Birthday In Heaven "Uncle" Father Ed!

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