Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do you think you could drive this car????

Do you think you could drive this car?

There is something different about this car...

Not this......

Nor this......

How about this......

Oh look.........NO STEERING WHEEL!!!!! NO PEDDLES!!!!!

How good are you with a JOY STICK??????

Now your grandkids can steal your car, and drive it better than you!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mother, She Is So In My Heart, She Could Never Be Gone...

Honoring my mother Ruth Marie Dunwell on this, the 19th Anniversary of her passing...

November 20, 1921-March 30, 1992
Dunwell on this, the 19th Anniversary of her passing...

November 20, 1921-March 30, 1992

I am the one in her arms in this photo from 1957. My mother was always there for me. She was the most loving mother even though she never really knew her own mother.

She mothered everyone, even her own peers. She was one of those people who touched the hearts of all she met. She taught us to love unconditionally, to forgive completely, and to love God with all our heart and soul.

Once when I managed Boardwalk Fries I had been up to my waist in work and almost that high in flooding water coming in through the back door, not to mention that I had overflowed the front sink too!

My assistant called off that day and the kids that worked the night before left a mess and did not do any of the prep work needed for an on time opening in the morning.

Just as I was ready for a nervous breakdown the door bell rang at the back door. I was so upset, as I had thought it was the bakery delivery man with the rolls...yet more work for me to do.

I answered the door and there she stood...my guardian angel...my mother. I did not call her that morning, and yet she knew I needed her. She told me that she had a feeling that I needed her.

I will never stop needing her. But she is here for me in my sisters, my daughters, my cousins, and my friends, as she left her imprint on all who knew her.

She is so in my heart, she could never be gone.