Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Please Think Twice Before Using Your Child's Image As An Adult Profile Pic

Since the minor, who by legal definition lacks the ability to give informed consent, a parent who uses a photo of their child publicly has given consent for it to be viewed publicly.

As an article written by Brian Gongol states when you share a status update, tweet, or comment that is of adult content and your profile photo is of your child, you have just tied that child's image with adult comment and it is just wrong!

Perhaps you have not written status updates, tweets, or comments with adult content yourself, but if you have "liked" or made a comment on the page of another that has adult content, you just linked your child with that content!

The innocence of the pure of heart should not be compromised by thoughtless coupling of their image with adult hatred or defamation! Do your children a favor and remove their face from your profile picture! It is the right thing to do for their sake.

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