Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day 2012

We stayed home today and my daughter Jamiann and her family came over for dinner.  For the first time ever I smoked a standing pork rib roast using apple wood in my electric grill. It was delicious. I served it with Piazza's Jersey Sweet Corn, Boiled Red Potatoes, a Romaine salad with tomatoes from my garden, and we had Smores for dessert.

On Friday I rode along with my husband to New Jersey to pick up the Simmons mattress and box spring set, that I won on Facebook from the Ashley Furniture Store in Phillipsburg/Greenwich Mall. We stopped by Piazza's Farm Market for their delicious sweet corn and Jersey Peaches.   

Saturday we attended our grand-children's birthday party at the home of our daughter Jennifer. Sunday we went out to dinner with my daughter Jamiann's family.  We put our tent up in the yard for the grand-kids to have a sleep over and campfire for one last end of summer Hoorah! I even bought giant marshmallows and Hebrew National Beef Franks to roast over the campfire.   Well, the rain from Hurricane Isaac put a kibosh to that!

My husband was thrilled to have seven days off celebrating "No Labor"! Well except for picking up the new bedding set and putting it on the frame.  But at least now he is getting a very restful sleep! 

I hate to see summer end!

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