Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn's Headdress On Indian Head Rock ~ Delaware Water Gap

With the rebirth of Autumn come the changing colors of the deciduous trees.  One of the most spectacular places to see this is Delaware Water Gap that divides New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  As a child we often were taken on family rides through the Gap and the Indian Head Rock on the New Jersey side with its very colorful headdress was always pointed out to us by our parents or our dear family friend Sam Jones. 

Today I saw a photo of this on the New Jersey website for Millbrook Village.  The photo brought back a flood of happy childhood memories.  

I then wondered if erosion has worn down the Indian's facial features, in particular the once prominent nose.  So I surfed the images of this natural phenomena and came up with a postcard from yesteryear, however there was no date on it.  

I honestly do not see much of a difference, although my memory tells me that there is a difference.  Perhaps it is just the more vivid imagination of a child who saw a more prominent proboscis back in the early sixties!


  1. I have so many wonderful childhood memories of this place also. Thank you for sharing this and bring them back. Big hugs!