Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Thrilled Little Granddaughter, Nat and Alex Wolff Concert

The Venue
Abby inside The Note before the concert

Abby and her sign before the concert
Abby received Backstage Pass from Tour Manager

Abby with autographed sign, and autographed backstage pass
Abby and I attended the Nat and Alex Wolff Black Sheep Tour Concert at The Note in West Chester, Pennsylvania last night.  What a treasure it was for me to see Abby so thrilled to see these amazingly talented brothers perform live in concert.

The first time she told me about The Naked Bros Band a Nickelodeon Show, I of course asked her if they were naked!  To which she adamantly replied "No, silly Grammy!"  Abby was just a little over four years old at the time, but knew all the words to their song Crazy Car. So I got out my camera and recorded her singing Crazy Car and posted it on YouTube.   It got a ton of hits, and she was so proud of her singing debut.  At the request of her parents I took the video down because of the fear of a stalker.

When Abby and cousin Lilyanna come to sleep over night with me they have a Playlist that I created just for them and every Naked Bros. Band/Nat and Alex Woolf song is on it.  They play them, and play them loud, while dancing around my living room.  Sometimes when Abby is here alone she watches their videos and seems to be mesmerized when she watches her favorite brother Nat sing.

And as I told them during a Meet and Greet last night I have seen all of their Naked Bros. Band TV Series shows when Abby sleeps over.  Abby was so thrilled to have her picture taken with them as they each had an arm around her shoulders.  Nat looked right into her face and told her how much he loved her poster and that it was "Beautiful!"

On the way home she kept saying, "Am I dreaming?"  Her little sister Maggie would reply, "You must be dreaming!"

I took a few photos before the concert and just as Nat and Alex came onto the stage my camera batteries died.  The mother of one of the amazing warm up acts * TheyCallMePiano  took my email address and is going to email me photos.  Another fan took the picture of Abby with Nat and Alex on her phone and is emailing it to me.  I am so grateful to these generous fans of Nat and Alex Woolf the former Naked Bros. Band!

Last night the fans, mostly girls screamed at the top of their lungs when they sang "Crazy Car"!  It so reminded me of the Ricky Nelson lyrics to A Garden Party; "But if memories were all I sang, I rather drive a truck."  It seemed as though fans can get stuck in the past of an entertainer that starts out when they are very young and wish to progress into adulthood.

I have seen these two talented boys turn into two extremely talented young men.  From the"Bubble Gum" sound of their childhood television show music they have  blossomed into full fledged recording artists. I wish them luck with the Black Sheep Tour and that the fans allow them to break out with much success in this new endeavor at creating a new mature sound. 

Abby now has a Blog of her own:  http://leaderofthewolffpack.blogspot.com/

Nat and Alex Wolff Official Website

* Check out this video of TheyCallMePiano on my Blue Mountain Road Blog today. This young lady is AMAZING!!!!

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