Monday, January 2, 2012

To Be Or Not To Be? Mayan Calendar Prediction

One of my Facebook friends posted this question on her page:  Curious. Is anyone putting any stock in the Mayan prediction about 12/21/12?

 Here is my answer:

Johann Conrad Beissel created the Ephrata Cloister in PA and thought the end was very near, the year was 1732. He had the members sleeping on thin board with wooden blocks for pillows as so they could easily awake at Christ's return as the Bible stated"As a thief in the night." He had married couples who joined give up marital relations and sleep in separate quarters.Well, those that stayed died, were buried, and the group eventually disbanded. It is now a historical site to be toured. The end has been predicted many times in history. There have also been huge earthquakes many times in history as well as floods and crazy weather. Just live and as a follower of Christ myself, I pray and ask God to keep my family in His care. Just think TODAY the world ended for many and their names will be in obituary columns tomorrow. Live, love, and let live. That is all we can do about any of it.

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