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My Ominous Adventures At True Blue Farm Excerpt

Although I have written my book as fiction, the only actual fictional element is the paranormal storyline, and the dream of gangsters and death.  The Sam character was a real life family friend who had an amazingly wonderful influence on my childhood.  My Great Aunt Ree and Uncle Bill did live on the exact farm written in the story, and they did raise my mother.  Everything about the description of the home and its property were real.  However, after Aunt Ree passed away in 1978, and Uncle Bill sold the property, the new owner tore the barn down, and leveled the land for planting.  Only the house remains, and that has been totally remodeled.  I was given a tour of it in October 2001, and had tears in my eyes the entire time.  Everything in the house was changed except my memories of it.  

The story of the August 1955 flood was an actual event and I had written about it in a historical manner.  I also could never forget what I saw when we actually went to the top of College Hill in Easton, PA and saw the horrifying site of chicken coops and tons of other debris floating down the river.  

While I am honored and amazed by seeing  comments comparing my story to The Wizard Of Oz , I myself see no similarity except for the fact that my mother was actually raised by her aunt and uncle who purchased the farm after my mother married.  There was no rainbow to travel over after the real life flood, no scare crows, lions, or tin men, not even a wonderful wizard!  

An exact replica at Knoebels Amusement Park
Excerpt from the book: *That wonderful Chevy truck kept on going, and soon we were riding down the lane that ran in front of their home and bore right towards the barn.  On the right I could see the Ferris
wheel planter filled with colorful annuals and the entire yard surrounded by iris, gladiolas, flocks, pink and yellow honeysuckle, and pom-pom bushes. Even in the rain these flowers were oh so beautiful. The droplets of rain appeared to be tiny mirrors resting on the soft petals of the honey suckle vines and the fragrant aroma that lingered in the steamy air was simply wonderful.

If you enjoyed reading the excerpt, you will enjoy reading the entire book.  Please follow the link below to purchase it:

*Note When reading the reviews please keep in mind they suddenly popped up when an Adult Cyber Bully went on a rampage beginning Dec. 29, 2011, before that date the only review was in 2006, and it was a positive one. 

Oh gee, look where Anonymous, Why, why, why, got the words for their review of my book: Click Here  Stealing seems to be contagious, first photos, now words!   Guess I can deal with being in the same category as Ian Flemming! Wow, Frank L. Baum and Ian Flemming all in one day! 

Wondrously Mad is more like it. Now I have seen everything; a book reviewer plagiarizing a review not once but twice:  Click Here AGAIN

It really just goes to prove my theory that all the bad reviews Since Dec. 29, 2011 were one and the same person!  Some people will never grasp the concept of live and let live...is peace possible? However, her plan backfired as the sale of my book has had a spike since her demeaning rants. 

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