Thursday, December 31, 2009

My "I Love Lucy" Moment~New Years Eve 1983

I have many fond New Year's Eve party memories, but I am choosing to write about one funny one, my Lucy Ricardo moment. The date was January 31, 1983, the place was the Franklin House in New Village, New Jersey.

My sister Ruth Ann was tending bar that night, and I was attending the party. I can't remember what I wore as a dress that night, but we always got all decked out in our finest on New Years Eve. The icing on the cake, my haute couture fashion statement was my late Great Aunt Rees full length Fitch fur coat. It was so luxurious, however it was not kept in proper storage for over thirty years so the pelts were pealing off.

Uncle Bill gave it to me as I was the best fit for the coat, being of a similar body type as Great Aunt Ree. He and my brother Buddy took the coat to Flemington Furs to be repaired. The expert furrier there had said that it would be much to costly to repair it. He also said that if it had been kept in proper storage, it would have been worth over ten thousand dollars.

In my eye it was much too gorgeous to go to waste, so I thought that if I glued all of the curled up pelts down, it would be fine for at least one night. So I set out to do just that. I painstakingly glued each pelt down, and it looked wonderful.

I made my grand entrance into the Franklin House that evening feeling like a queen or at least a glamorous movie star. I spent the next few hours dancing, eating great food, and making merry with all my friends and relatives.

Thank goodness that I had to wait for Ruth Ann to get off of work, after all the patrons had left, because I went to put the coat on and all of the pelts had curled back up, and were popping out all over the place.

We all laughed, and it was most definitely my "I Love Lucy" moment!

Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true in 2010!

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