Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

I am a creature of tradition. I need to carry out all of our family traditions or I feel as though I have missed something. So today whether I am hungry for it or not, I just had to make Sauerkraut and Pork, with mashed potatoes. Well, it did turn out to be delicious, and I did not overeat. Dessert was a popcorn ball, yes, a popcorn ball. I still have tons of Christmas cookies, but I was in the mood for a popcorn ball.

A new year is here, and I still just can't fathom that we are in this new century, let alone ten full years of it. Last night my daughter Jamiann brought up about all those cans of soup I bought in December of 1999, along with the batteries, flashlights, gallons upon gallons of water, and I even filled the tub, just in case we needed the extra water.

Well, we all know how that played out. We were eating soup for months. I even gave some of it away. It is nice to know that it all was a false alarm. But, the direction our planet has taken since then, especially our own country, is not a false alarm. We definitely need to instill a sense of higher morals in all of the young people in our family. We need to live by example, with an understanding, loving, peaceful, and responsible disposition.

I have no big New Year's resolution. I do however hope to be led by God's guidance to aspire to the example of our Lord Jesus. I pray to be more Christlike in the New Year. That is my one and only goal. Let us pray for each other.

Lord, I want,
A mind through which Christ thinks;
A heart through which Christ loves;
A voice through which Christ speaks;
A hand through which Christ helps.


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