Saturday, January 9, 2010


having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling; fervid

Have you ever watched children who were fervently at play. They have this unconscious ability to completely envelope their whole being in acting out or performing the tasks involved with joy and passion.

It is as if there is an innate quality, that can be left by the wayside by adults who are consumed in just getting by on a daily basis. In speaking for myself, I know I have this passion within my soul, and have tapped into it on many occasions, however I also have left it by the wayside too often, and for long stretches of time.

I have had a passion for cake decorating, gardening, writing, and oil painting. I even dabbled once in a passion for learning to play the piano. I was teaching myself with a workbook, the lessons ended abruptly after a make shift recital. You know someone is a true friend when they sit through something like that, and tell you the truth. The song of choice was the first song in the book, "Long, Long, Ago" and my friend, was honest and told me to play it, "Far, Far, Away!" Thus the end of my passion for playing the piano.

There have been physical limitations that have quelled my passion for cake decorating and gardening. I purchased some new paint brushes and a fresh new canvas in September, and have yet to start a new painting, let alone finish the lighthouse painting I started two years ago. I really do enjoy oil painting, but I suppose the passion has gone.

I will always have a passion for writing, and it is also cathartic. But I really don't think that anyone could say that when I am writing, my expression and excitement could be compared to a child at play. To me writing is intense and thought provoking, yet rewarding when you have that eureka moment.

I really have a passion for visiting Victorian homes/mansions, museums, and gardens. I do believe that my passion for such jaunts, shows up on the expression on my face, and in my

When researching the word passionate, I came across an article directed at men who have lost their passion for life. This article gave some great advice to get out with other men, who have similar interests and connect passionately within that interest. Perhaps, they will go bowling, hiking, or attend sporting events together.

Perhaps within a person's passion in reading, cooking, baking, exercising,
there are many avenues to explore, such as a book, poetry, or dinner club and a spinning class. When we are passionate about something, we can stimulate our "joy genes" and give new meaning to the same old, same old. So go out and find your choice diversion from the hum drum of life and be as passionate as a child playing in a sand box.

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