Thursday, December 3, 2009

"The Game" Our Family Christmas Day Tradition...

Each Christmas our family plays a game that we dubbed "The Game". It is a now you have it, now you don't kind of game. Either the host of the Christmas Day celebration or each guest brings white elephant or dollar store trinkets wrapped to hide the item's identity. These items will be the prizes of the game.

To begin with you need two decks of cards. Next, deal out one deck evenly to all the participants in the game. If you end up with a uneven few cards, be sure to remove those cards from the second deck and put aside.

One person/The Caller is to take one card at a time from that deck and call it out. The person who has that card picks a gift from the pile of wrapped gifts in the center of the table or in the center of the floor in a room. Once the gifts are gone, the person whose card is called now steals from the others in the game. When all the cards have been called each person now owns the package they ended up with and may unwrap them.

It is more fun when silly things are wrapped, like a penny in a large box, or a dollar in a small box. Once I placed a house plant in an old worn out shoe, and wrapped it, another time I wrapped a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner with a toothbrush...for the potty mouthed person. I also wrapped a bed pan too. Once, my daughter Jamiann got a bar of soap shaped like a butt. She created a Barry Manilow fan pack and wrapped it, and our friend's husband who disliked Barry ended up with it.

Here is a video of our family playing the game the last Christmas we celebrated at my sister Irene's house:

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