Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Mini Life

A couple of years ago on my birthday I had received a Webkinz cat from my daughter Jennifer. Webkinz are stuffed animals that come with a code to be entered into the Webkinz website to obtain a virtual pet with a room to be decorated for that pet. After you purchase other pets, you get more rooms. You can also play games, and do tasks that enable you to purchase more rooms, and items to fill them.

I started out helping my granddaughters earn kinz cash in order for them to purchase items at the Webkinz store online. Then after my daughter bought me one, I set up an account. Decorating the rooms was lots of fun even for an adult. I also had fun playing the games.

The image at the left here is a Webkinz room, Diner.

Home decorating has always been a passion of mine. Most of my friends are the same, and enjoy making their home beautiful, and comfy. On Webkinz I could decorate rooms with items, that in the real world I could not afford. I could create beautiful weed free gardens, and my pets had swimming pools, and trampolines.

I soon became bored with making homes on Webkinz, and sent out a search on Yahoo for a new website where I could create homes and decorate them. I was thrilled to find My Mini Life. At first it did seem hard to build the homes, but soon I discovered how.

Not only can I create homes, and place furniture in them, but I can add beautiful gardens. As the creators of the items add new items, it became a challenge to create scenes, and homes with rooves on them.

You can create homes or scenes from movies, or books. This one on the left I call Green Gables, from the Anne Of Green Gables series.

I have created homes that I had lived in as a child, and two of our family business sites, that have been long gone since the sixties. Recently, I created a home that resembles the one that I live in now. Our home has a second floor, and my PT Cruiser is red not yellow.

I created some of my favorite places to visit at the New Jersey Shore, and in New England.

At myminilife.com you earn virtual money by the views your homes get, each day you earn virtual money when you sign in, and when you vote on other My Mini Life resident's homes. You can create your own neighborhoods also.

All of this is free, but you can also purchase bigger lots to use. This is not necessary, but could be more fun to have a much bigger lot. I have not done this.

Another very nice thing about My Mini Life are the friends you can meet. I have met friends from Brazil, The Phillipines, Australia, and all over the USA. I have received comments in Portugese, even though I can't read them, I understand that they like what they see. I also have used the online translator services on occassion.

I find that it is fun creating these homes, and in a virtual kind of way they become artwork. This form of creativity has been therapeutic and enjoyable. It is also less messy than oil painting! If you can't sleep at night, or just have some spare time and enjoy creating, sign up at myminilife.com and let your imagination run wild. Enjoy!

At my minilife.com I have several accounts: Published Author, Jardinami, Cottage Gurl, Creative Grammy

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