Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Day Trip In Berks County, PA

A Day Trip With Suzy The Little Red PT Cruiser

I moved to Berks County, Pennsylvania on July 1, 2003 from Moore Township, Pennsylvania. My youngest daughter Jamiann had moved here in June of 2002 just after she married Mike. Jamiann and I were inseparable before her marriage. We had so much fun taking trips to NYC, Connecticut, and Tennessee. We swam in the community pool daily during our summers, and frequently went out to eat with our friends Judy and Marie.

Preparing for the wedding was fun, as everyone who knows me, can testify that I love to entertain. The wedding was held at our community clubhouse, and we all had a blast. The next day was sad and lonely, and so was every day that followed. My husband was working twelve hour days, seven days a week. I had a job I loved, yet I came home to an empty house each evening.

Well, the rest is history, I moved to Berks County to Tilden Township, a suburb of the small historical town of Hamburg. Tilden is on one side of the Schuylkill River and Hamburg is on the other side. This area is filled with PA Dutch folk lore, and on a trip down many of it's back roads you may encounter a covered bridge or an Amish buggy or two.

I immediately began exploring the country side, and Googled area attractions. The above video is a small sample of what I had found, and I have other videos to come of the many other sites to see in lovely Berks County, PA. Enjoy!

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