Friday, August 28, 2009

Aquatic Therapy/Exercise/Personal Training

Aquatic Therapy


In certain conditions, utilizing the water enables the individual to have additional options in movement. Aqua therapy focuses on postural alignment, neuromuscular control and function as we progress the individual through decreasing pain, increasing range of motion, strengthening muscles, and increasing cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Hydro tones

I do exercises using these hydro tones. Hydro-Tone Bells are great for upper body strengthening and abdominal conditioning. Increase speed to increase intensity. Highest drag resistance of any similar device.

Aquaflex Paddles

I also use these paddles with adjustable fan blades to vary resistance. They help build upper body strength.

Aqua Trend Unit

I do tummy tucks on this apparatus. I do not hold onto the upper bar as in this photo, because I have cervical spine and shoulder injuries.

The water temperature is usually around 88 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is soooo soothing, easing pain. I love the hanging in the deep end, it is so relaxing.

While in therapy I met a lovely young lady from Hamburg, PA who has been in a wheel chair her entire life. She has never walked on land, and yet she is able to walk in the water. She exercises several times a week in the water. She once told me that she often jokes that if the Schuylkill River ever floods the town of Hamburg, she will finally be able to walk all around town.

I think it is just wonderful that she is able to walk in the water. I have also seen head injury patients learn to walk again in the water. Aquatic therapy may not be for everyone, if the pool is heated. If a person is on medication that prevents them from going into a heated pool, then they may call ahead and ask the gym if the pool is at the right temperature for them. I was told by other swimmers at Aquabilities, that there are other indoor gym pools in the area that are much cooler.

At Aquabilities there are exercise classes that many seniors take advantage of. Exercising in the water is easier on joints, and the warm water is soothing for those with arthritis.

I actually have lost weight while exercising at Aquabilities. I love it, and hope to continue this type of exercise my whole life long.

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