Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Recent Makayla Update:

Makayla Update:

On Saturday, they adjusted the shunt that is draining fluid from her brain to allow more drainage because her ventricles were still quite large. Since then, she has been more awake than she ever has since the accident. On Sunday, she attentively watched an almost 2 hour movie and then stayed awake for another hour or so.

On Monday, she had a very active day. She was awake for 4 hours in the morning and everyone and their cousin came to see her since it was the first non-weekend day since she came in. She was interacting with one of therapists in a neat way. The therapist would hold this hat just outside her field of view on KK's left side and then slowly bring it into her view. When Makayla would lock her eyes one the colorful hat, the therapist would tell her to grab the hat. 3 or 4 times Makayla actually grabbed the hat from her! She slept for a few hours in the afternoon, but was quite awake again in the afternoon.

Yesterday, she wasn't quite as alert, but was awake quite a bit, and did become a tad more alert as the day went on. Her eyes just seem brighter than ever over all! She still isn't squeezing or wiggling anything when someone tells her to, but we are still seeing small improvements here and there!

I will post a video of her playing with this hat she has. She would hold on to one of the fuzzy balls, lift it up as high as she could, then drop it and pick it up again. We laughed because it seemed like she was playing catch with herself. LOL

Medically, she is doing pretty good. It seems the CSF leaking from her incision has stopped in the past 2 days. That is truly an answer to prayer! Or else they would have to redo the shunt they put in her. The big thing right now is to get her weaned off of the pain med she is on currently. Once that is done, there will be nothing keeping her sedated at any level and we will be able to truly see how she is doing and the full effect of her brain injury. They decided yesterday that they will change her feeding tube from the one she has (which goes in her nose down to her stomach) to one that is surgically inserted into her belly and then her stomach. This will be a more secure and safer tube to have, especially if we do go home in the next couple of weeks.

Now that the CSF leakage has stopped, the only thing keeping her in the hospital is the pain med she is on. Once they take her off of that, there will be nothing keeping us here. However, her doctors are sort of dragging their feet, hoping that she will recover enough to be able to enter the in-patient rehab here. If she does not recover enough, we will more than likely have to go home until she is recovered enough. There may be other options, though, that we are exploring as well. Our prayer is that she will recover enough before it's time to make that decision so she can go straight into rehab. But the Lord is still in control and He does know what is best for her. We certainly wouldn't mind being able to come home. It's just that we would have to eventually come back here since there is no where in Montana for her to get that kind of rehab. Please pray with us that she will recover in time. God will hear our supplications and our cries!

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  1. Oh Diane, My husband and I will start praying for Makayla daily. My heart is with you.

    Love, Linda