Monday, August 13, 2012

The Wedding, Part Three Of NY Vacation

On Saturday August 11, 2012 I had the honor of attending the wedding of my lifelong friend Robert's oldest son and his lovely fiance.  I went with Robert's sister Cindy who had been my friend since sixth grade.  The entire family of seven siblings grew up in our neighborhood known as the Vulcanite side of Alpha, NJ. 
Joey, Cindy,Robert, Brenda, and Michael (Celia and Irma are missing from picture)

Robert is the same age as my younger brother.  He slept over night at our house very often, and quickly became a much loved unofficial family member.  Robert and I had a wonderful time catching up on our lives since we had last seen each other,  and reminiscing about our past.

Robert has become what I would say a self made success! He owns his own paving company RAM Pavers in the Lake George area of New York State.  He owns several acres of land on the mountain, and a dockside area of the Great Sacandaga Lake.  He cleared some of his land and built an adorable ranch home and huge garage with an apartment on the second floor.  He even made his own lumber from the trees he cleared.  He told me that he learned much about building when he helped my dad and Uncle Dick build our family home on Seventh Avenue in Alpha,NJ.  
Adam, Robert, their friend, and Robert Jr. the groom

While we were talking a young man came up to us to tell me that Robert was the father he never had, as he was raised by a terrific mother but no father.  He said Robert kept him on the straight and narrow as a teen and transported he and Robert's youngest son Adam to wrestling matches.  He then added that Robert is a truly wonderful man and I agreed. Robert then contributed this to the conversation, "Diane I am the man I am today because of your mother!" He then said, "I remember that every single night that I slept over she kissed everyone good night including me telling us that she loved us."  He remarked about how my mom was always cooking/baking, and that everything was great!

Robert Jr. is a Lumber Jack and his fiance Stephanie is a Nurse.  They decided that they wanted a down to earth no frills wedding.  Then they decided to add a back woods feel to it since many of the guests were going to be Lumber Jacks and their families.  The ceremony and the celebration was riddled with redneck humor. Here are the photographs that I had taken that day.  I had a really wonderful and fun time! 

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