Thursday, August 18, 2011

On This Day In History 1955, Excerpts From My Book

The flooding Forks Of The Delaware August 18, 1955, and the damaged Free Bridge.

An excerpt from My Ominous Adventures At True Blue Farm, The Secret Behind The Mirror:

I awoke to Uncle Bill’s voice calling us to get up and come out to the kitchen for some homegrown peaches and condensed milk sprinkled with sugar and served in pink depression ware bowls. Oh, how wonderful they tasted and how I loved those unique depression ware bowls!
The rain had finally stopped. The local radio station broadcasted the horrifying news of the death and destruction that Hurricane Diane had brought to the Delaware River region. The headline of the local newspaper reported the death, destruction, and loss of electric power to the entire area.
Our own hometown received extensive damage from the flooding tributaries, and the bridge between our town in New Jersey and Pennsylvania that had spanned the Delaware River since 1895 was severely damaged by another bridge that was washed down from the Pocono Mountain area.

Another Excerpt from my book, My Ominous Adventures At True Blue Farm, The Secret Behind The Mirror:

The next morning we awoke to pretty little pink depression ware bowls filled with peaches, sprinkled with sugar and drenched in canned milk. Life was a little too ominous, certainly eventful and especially heartwarming at True Blue Farm. I anxiously anticipated this day, because today I was going back home and would soon see my Mom and Dad again. The best was yet to come, as I would also get to meet my new baby sister, Ruth Ann. THE END

Happy Birthday Ruth Ann! I love you and cherish you as a sister and a true friend!

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