Sunday, May 15, 2016

We've Come A Long Way Since The First Day Of Spring 2013

Of Our Home 
When It Was Owned
By The Former Owner:

Notice there are no doors on the shed. We hired a retired Vet to replace them.
They were taken by my neighbor who reported them to our security office for violations of our HOA. The former owner also allowed this home to go into foreclosure. I feel that his irresponsible behavior lead to a blessing for my family and I. We were able to purchase the home for less than half of what he paid for it.  Thankfully the sale price fell into the range where I was able to purchase it without a mortgage.  I thank GOD daily for leading me here to this home that my family and I have been able to treat with tender loving care! This home and community is such a wonderful blessing!

Noticing that the Hydrangea are in bloom I am to assume this photo was taken in early June.

Just look at the size of the weeds in the front yard

Then the owner decided to take care of all the weeds and the grass by spraying a strong weed killer all over it! This home is uphill from an in-ground pool across the street.  After we purchased the home we replaced the electric lamp on the post with a solar one.

 The following are photos after I purchased the home on March 20, 2013:


Still a work in progress!

We have plans to purchase two dogwood, one pink, one white for the center of this front yard, and more flowering bushes for the gardens under the over hang of the house and to the right of the walk. The walk will be done by next weekend should the rain let up! 

New window baskets this year!

We replaced scroungy shrubs with these fluted urns last year.

We hired a retired Vet to replace the shed doors in 2013.

"I want to encourage homemakers of all ages to turn their hearts back home and create a warm and cozy nest for their loved ones. We can't control what happens in the world, but we can do a lot of things to make sure our home is safe, secure and filled with comfort, joy and love. It's all about blessing those who are dear to our hearts!" Aunt Ruthie ~ Sugar Pie Farmhouse 

Thank you Lord for all these blessings!


Yes, we've come a long way in three years!

Upper Level Living Room

Master Bedroom Upper Level

The view from the master bedroom May2016.

Dining Area Upper Level

Kitchen Upper Level
Guest Room Upper Level

 Upper Level Bathroom

 The Family Room Lower Level

  Guest Room Lower Level

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