Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

My daughters and I chose to celebrate Mother's Day yesterday at the amazing Dutchway Restaurant in Myerstown, PA. The Dutchway is run by a Mennonite family and they honor the Sabbath Day by closing on Sundays.  Therefore their Grand Mother's Day Buffet with Prime Rib and Ham at the carving station and all the other delicious and comforting homemade food on the buffet is held on Saturday the Eve before Mother's Day. My wonderful husband Roger foot the bill for all of us to honor us as Moms and an extended family he inherited when he married me in Nineteen Ninety-Three.


 We had such a wonderful day and lots of yummy food & fun!

The Dutchway has so many gorgeous flowers and this lovely fountain!
Roger bought me two lovely hanging baskets that I will put in the front window baskets on our home.

The ride home was so beautiful & the sun finally was shining brightly!  What a gorgeous day!

 Arriving Home!

 I received several lovely gifts, a Gerber Daisy from the Dutchway, Shabby  Chic Lantern, gorgeous card, and Toblerone candy from Jamiann & family, A huge hearty Azalea bush for my front garden from Jennifer & family, and a cross and homemade card from my granddaughter Abigayle. I feel so special and blessed!

 There will never be another as precious as my Mother!

Ruth Marie Dunwell

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