Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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An Imprint On Your Heart

Some people come into our lives and leave imprints on our heart, and we are never the same. I found this statement on a picture frame a month after my mother passed on. I placed a photo of her under this statement.

My mother was one of those truly loving and caring people, and she left her imprint on many hearts. Whether it is a child, parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, pastor, teacher, or a lady you met once in a grocery store, we all have them in our lives.

Hopefully the imprint is a loving, and positive one. Those imprints are the ones I choose to hold on to, and the ones that have made me who I am. It was because this person shared a memory, a concept, or an unconditional hug of support during a trying time that made a deep impression on my soul.

They help us form personal ideals, and help us make informed decisions about important issues that affect those who interact with us on any given day. I believe that GOD has sent them to us, as they are his eyes, ears, mouth, hands, and feet. They, we are HIS likeness here on this tangible earth.

Yes, some people come into our lives and leave imprints on our heart, and we are never the same. Let us tell those in our lives that they have done so, and we appreciate their influence, and if they are long or recently passed on, we can wear their imprint on our actions toward others, or we could simply share with one other person the story of how that person left an imprint on our heart. 

An Excerpt from John Denver's On The Wings Of A Dream: 

There are those who will lead us
Protect us each step of the way
From beginning to end
For each moment forever each day
Such a gift has been given
It can never be taken away

Though the body in passing must leave us
There is one who remains to receive us
There are those in this life
Who are friends from our heavenly home
So I listen to the voices inside me
For I know they are there just to guide me
And my faith will proclaim it is so
We are never alone

From the life to the light
From the dark of the night to the dawn
He is so in my heart
He is here he could never be gone
Though the singer is silent
There still is the truth of the song

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  1. Diane what a lovely post. Your blog is simply beautiful. When I was in landscaping school we visited Longwood Gardens and it is an incredible place. I have visited your county for vacation and it is very beautiful.

    Thank you for joining The French Hen's Nest. Have a blessed day.