Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Prayer For An Unknown Man

An Excerpt from my diary: January 1, 2008

Today while driving my granddaughter home to New Jersey, I must admit that I was feeling a little sorry for myself. I had such a long drive ahead and I wasn't feeling very well.

Suddenly, my daughter Jennifer asked, "Is that a intravenous bag hanging in the rear window of that white car just ahead?" I peered and replied that I too thought that it looked like an IV bag. We commented back and forth with our thoughts on why it was there. One was a sick pet, another a sick person. My daughter works at a hospital and didn't think that a patient would be released with an IV still in them.

Whatever the reason the driver was speeding and soon was out of sight. A few more miles down the road I noticed the car pulled onto the shoulder. The back door was open and a balding man was throwing up out the door.

My ailments are cumbersome, but not life threatening. Sometimes I get depressed because my life had taken a downward turn in 2004 when I injured my spine,the nerves in my leg and arm, and have RSDS. But, this unknown man in the car on the side of the road gave me a new perspective to how I felt today.

I wondered why the inhabitants of this white car were hurrying down this interstate highway on the first day of 2008 with such a sick passenger. I pray for them that they get safely to their destination, and that they find peace and comfort waiting for them. I pray for this man's healing whoever he may be.

May you all find peace and comfort with a total healing this year.

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