Monday, October 19, 2009

The Gift You Are...

I posted a link to this video yesterday, but felt the need to re-post the actual video. It is such a wonderful view of the man who touched so many hearts. The song's message brings tears to my eyes, tears of joy. John Denver was a gift to us all. His words, voice, and caring nature have made this world a better place. He wrote a song, What One Man Can Do for Buckminster "Bucky"Fuller, an architect, inventor, designer, and author, who was committed to a successful and sustainable future for all of humanity. www.bfi.org

In this song he sings:

What one man can do is dream
What one man can do is love
What one man can do is change the world
And make it new again
Here you see what one man can do.

John too lived his life in a way to make this world new again. He devoted time, talent, money, and wisdom to this cause. His voice and songs touch all who hear them in a positive uplifting way. There are so many of them too. I think I could write a blog a day on the positive influence of his words and music.

He had his faults, as we as humans do. I sometimes think that he was too sensitive to deal with the in-sensitivities of this world. In the Don McLean's song Starry Night that he wrote for Vincent Van Gogh, he wrote, "This world was never meant for one a beautiful as you." I often think of those words when reflecting on the fate of John Denver. I am so thankful to the Lord that in HIS infinite wisdom HE gave us John Deutschendorf Denver to bring to this world so much beauty, and inspiration.

Two years ago I posted a video slide on YouTube that I had made in memorial to the tenth anniversary of the passing of this prolific singer, lyricist, musician, actor, and humanitarian. That video slide received 72, 529 views to date, 111 five star ratings, and 102 positive, loving comments. It is clear to see that John Denver is loved and greatly missed by both men and women. A link to my video/slide: Dear Johnny
We must all strive to be like John, to inspire others to be all that they can be, to fill others with the hope to achieve something better. Let us change the world and make it new again. Let us see that we all are a gift to each other.

A link to the John Denver Foundation, Windstar  

The John Denver Sanctuary, Aspen, CO

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