Monday, September 14, 2009

On Saving Summer...

by Rod McKuen

I have always loved summertime. Well here it is September 14th already,and the last day of summer is just a week away. It seems to me that as I grow older it just disappears faster each year. I have never been a person who liked the cold weather of winter, and the cold wet snow. It looks pretty on Christmas Eve, but I want it to melt and go away just as quick as it came.I will miss the green leaves on the trees, and the colors of the flowers that adorn our porches and yards. I do love to see the fall colors of the trees, and the taste of fresh apple cider. But it saddens me to know that when it ends the chill of winter begins. I certainly wish we could save summer in a box and bring it out on the coldest day of winter.

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