Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Show Of The Summer

Abby with a very talented singer her cousin Emily

Yesterday our granddaughter Emily came to our home to attend a concert in Hershey PA with her cousin Abby. It was The Show Of The Summer with Abby and Maggie's favorite guy Shawn Mendes. They were so thrilled! 

 Shawn Mendes

Emily and Abby walking to their seats on the floor
Abby won three sets of tickets for this show so her whole family and cousin Emily got to attend. However the tickets were pairs of two and of course Abby got the best seats on the floor that she shared with Emily as to have an adult with her.  Mommy sat with Maggie and Daddy with Jake.    

Maggie sat next to Mommy

Jake in green and Daddy to his right in blue

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