Monday, January 19, 2015

The Dream...

When I posted this today to my timeline on Facebook a friend commented this:" So much for a dream, this world is a nightmare."  "So sad."

To which I replied: It is all a matter of personal perspective. I am sure Oprah Winfrey wouldn't be one of the most successful as well as wealthiest women in the world had it not been for the dream of Dr. King, Rosa Parks, and many others who have made sure to become educated, have a strong belief system, and courage to make their dream come true. Many other civil rights activists along with Dr. King lost their lives in the process. No matter what kind of confirmation bias many use to support their negative opinions regarding Barack Obama as President there was a time he wouldn't have been able to eat in many restaurants or use public restrooms! I am 63 years old and that went on in my lifetime! Mohammed Ali aka Cassius Clay won an Olympic medal and wasn't allowed in the restaurant with his fellow white team mates to celebrate his honor... how honorable was that???? You say the world is a nightmare....I wonder what the girls would say who were killed in the church bombings of the sixties, the victims of the Holocaust, the Africans kidnapped from their villages and sold as slaves to men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? I'd say TODAY our world is pretty nice unless you live in Nigeria!!!!

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