Friday, March 30, 2012

Mother I Miss You

Ruth Ann, Buddy, Irene, and Mom holding Me Christmas 1956

In Loving Memory Of My Mother Ruth Marie Dunwell 
November 20, 1921-March 30, 1992 
Some people come into our lives and leave imprints on our heart, and we are never the same. I found this statement on a picture frame a month after my mother passed on.

My mother was one of those truly loving and caring people, and she left her imprint on many hearts. Let us remember Ruth M. Dunwell on this the twentieth anniversary of her passing.   

To my sister Irene I give thanks that you were there by her side, and prayed the 23rd Psalm for Mom that night so long ago as she slipped the surly bonds of earth and met her savior face to face.  To my friends Debbie and Rich Sloboda, thank you for taking Jamiann and I in that night as so we didn't have to see Finegan Funeral Home take her from her home.  Your loving kind words and hugs were more comfort to us than you will ever know.  

My mother never knew her own mother, yet she was a mother to all she met.  She epitomized unconditional love and forgiveness and for that I will always be grateful.  

In John Denver's song "On The Wings Of A Dream" he wrote: 

There are those who will lead us
Protect us each step of the way
From beginning to end
For each moment forever each day
Such a gift has been given
It can never be taken away.

And thus she is always with us, as she is so in our heart she could never be gone!

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