Monday, March 22, 2010

Paper, Plastic, Paisley, and Disposable

The technologically-savvy 60’s turned us into a throwaway nation. We had disposable plastic plates, bottles, diapers, cutlery, curtains, and with the advent of the new paper dresses, even a wardrobe that could be chucked into the garbage after it was used.

One lovely late Spring day in 1968, Debbie Rose and I went shopping at the Woolworth Dept. Store in the Hillcrest Shopping Mall. We purchased the latest craze, a simple A-line/tent dress in a psychedelic paisley print, made out of a special, sturdy fiber paper for a measly $1.25 each. I didn't even realize at that time that these dresses were made by the Scott's toilet paper company, how funny is that????

We were so full of ourselves, and just couldn't wait to show them off at the newly renovated Hullabaloo Teen Night Club that was transformed from the then former Villa Roller Rink.

I learned about another new innovation that Saturday morning when Debbie set her long wavy hair in empty Campbell Soup cans, and sat under my portable hat box style hair dryer. She did this to help straighten her hair.

The outfit was made complete by our knee high patent leather go-go boots. We were trying to copy Goldie Hawn on the brand new TV show Rowan and Martin's Laugh In. Oh we were the cat's meow!!!!!

During the same time period my mother came home from shopping thrilled over her new inexpensive curtains, the latest rage, throw away drapes. They were made of two ply plastic, the under layer was white, the transparent outer layer was of a gray, pink, white lace paisley print. I always thought that they were hideous, and eventually convinced my mother to get rid of them.

Today we realize that all of those throw away goods were bad for our environment. We now know that we need to create items that are recyclable or reusable. The sixties were a fun and experimental time and I was so young, and so innocent.

I didn't have a worry in the world, and everything was brand new!

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